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Well hello there! Welcome to atypicalnarrative, my (life + stories + art) blog. I’m excited to launch this personal creative endeavor with you and I hope after reading this little introduction you’ll be persuaded to stick around.

But wait, haven’t we seen you before?

Yes! Though this blog is brand new, I’ve been blogging for many, many years. Most recently, I made a home within the book blogging community at Oh, the Books!, a joint effort with one of my favorite friends who is still kicking ass and taking names. (I definitely recommend you stop over and say hi!)

While I loved my time blogging at Oh, the Books! with Kelley, I ultimately caved into my own spiral of self-destruction as I failed to meet the high blogging standards I had set for myself. While I originally planned on taking a hiatus and returning to Kelley’s side, I decided after careful consideration a fresh start was necessary. (Luckily for me, Kelley didn’t take this personally. She’s the best.)

So, how will atypicalnarrative be different?

atypicalnarrative is a (life + stories + art) blog. Its primary aim is to be a personal creative outlet that celebrates stories, whether that be those told through books, tv, movies, etc. or the one that is currently being lived each day by yours truly. In other words, it’s a combination of a lifestyle, books/tv/movies, and art blog.

To break down what to expect from each category even further:

  • Life posts will primarily consist of personal stories and observations. It’s not a lifestyle section in which I aim to teach you anything about how to live your life (because believe me, I’m barely surviving my own), but a place where I can poke fun at myself and record snapshots of what chaos is going on in my mind at any given time.
  • Stories posts are going to be all about stories I love. I’m not looking to do any critical reviews or talk about things I don’t like because homie don’t have time for that. Instead, I’m going to highlight the things I love in the books, movies, and tv shows I’m consuming in hopes of finding others to fangirl with me. (Please?)
  • Art posts will contain my collections of doodles and illustrations that I complete (and don’t use for a different blog post). At some point this category may expand to highlight other artists or share my thoughts on creating, but for now just expect doodles.

Alright, I’m sold! When should I be here?

If you like what you’re seeing and want to stick around, I love you long time. Posts will be going live twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6am EST. There will also be a mostly bi-weekly newsletter sent out on Saturdays. (For those curious, the newsletter will be my updated version of the weekly recaps we did at Oh, the Books! with links to lifestyle, books/tv/movies, and art posts I think you should check out.) Click on the arrow (^) at bottom right of this page to find my blog following options or stalk me on social media by using the social media buttons.

Whether you choose to stick around or not, thank you for stopping by my humble online home and giving me a chance. I’m not anything truly special but I love to blog so fuck it, why not?

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Have any questions about my new blog? Excited or terrified? Any requests for content you want to see within the focuses I have provided? I want to know it all! Leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond. I promise I don’t bite (not on the first post, anyways.)