What I want you to know about Tasha // A celebration of my sneaky and stubborn princess.

What I want you to know about Tasha // A celebration of my sneaky and stubborn princess. // Blog post and illustration by Asti @ atypicalnarrative

Last week I had to say goodbye to Tasha, my fifteen-and-a-half year old sneaky and stubborn princess who had been with me for as long as I’ve had my period. (If only I could’ve kept her and got rid of this bleeding-and-cramping every month thing instead.) While I sort of had an idea that her end was near (she never recovered from her partial ACL tear that occurred in March and my silly post about her gas last year even mentioned my realization that my time with her was limited), it didn’t make the experience of taking her to the vet one last time any easier and I continue to be racked with overwhelming amounts of sadness as I realize she’s gone for good. It will eventually pass (or at least become more bearable, I know), but for now it just sucks. I want my baby girl back. I don’t want that goodbye to be real.

That being said, I’m not here to wallow in self-pity (I prefer to do that in private). Instead, I want to use this post to celebrate the life and personality of Tasha. She wasn’t the best of dogs, but she was always true to herself, and I wouldn’t have wanted her any other way.

So please, if you have time to spare, join my celebrate of my sneaky and stubborn princess.
These are the things I want you to know about Tasha (and the things I hope I never forget):

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Could you clench those cheeks together? // A(n unusual) letter to my old dog

Dear Tasha, could you clench those cheeks together? // A(n unusual) letter to my old dog // Blog post and illustration by Asti @ bit.ly/atypicalnarrative

Note: This post was originally published on my previous personal blog, Oh, Asti, on March 8, 2016. As that blog is no longer public and I (very sadly) had to say goodbye to my furry princess this past week, I decided I wanted to share it once again.

To me, it is fitting. Not only does it show that I’ve had my worries about Tasha’s health for a while, but it also highlights the fun, loving nature of our relationship (even if at times it involved some pleas for clean air). Being Tasha’s mom hasn’t been without its struggles over the years, but it was always worth and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thursday’s post will be another dedicated to my dearly departed friend and then the blog should be back to its regular fun-filled content the following week. I thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. And for all you fur mommies out there – give your pet some extra loving from me today (even if it’s a cat, though I won’t like it as much). 🖤

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My 30 before 30 list // Please let me be a functional adult after I leave my 20s

My 30 before 30 list // Please let me be a functional adult before I leave my 20s because I sure I haven't accomplished anything I thought I would a decade ago. // Blog post and illustration by Asti @ bit.ly/atypicalnarrative

During the week of my birthday, I noticed a couple of posts popping up around the blogosphere that revolved around setting goals for milestone birthdays. (The two in particular that crossed my path were Vee’s 25 before 25 and Amanda’s 30 before 30, but they are definitely not the only ones to create posts like this.) While I was hesitant to come up with my own list at first, worrying that if I were to not reach these goals by 30 I’d end up being disappointed in myself, I ultimately decided it was worth a go. Not only did I want to see what thirty items I would come up with, but I decided that even if I didn’t do them all just making a conscious effort towards making them happen would make me a happier , better-functioning person (and really, these days that’s all I really want).

It’s actually funny when I think about what I thought life would be like a decade ago vs now. It just felt like once high school was over I would figure everything out and by 30 I’d have this whole list of accomplishments I could rattle off: a family, a home, a good job. It all just seemed so much simpler then… and of course it was, everything was before my brain introduced depression into my life.

But now? Well, I would just like to figure out how to be a functional adult. I’d like to be able to make and maintain friendships without having a meltdown or letting my insecurities rule me. I’d like to find a job and actually stick to it without having a breakdown in front of everyone and ultimately quitting once I hit the lowest of lows. I’d like to learn how to accept the bad days and not let them consume me to the point that months pass by. I’d just like to do a lot of the everyday things that I think some people take for granted.

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