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Self-Portrait as a MonsterMy name is Asti and before we go any further I think it’s important to inform you that it’s pronounced Ah-stee and not Ass-tea because people who pronounce it as the latter are not allowed to be my friend. I’m twenty-seven years old and apart from art and stories I enjoy chocolate, baths, dancing (like nobody’s watching), furry animals, parenthesis (I use them way too much), villains, monochrome colors, blogging, reality competitions, dark comedy, and snail mail.

According to the VIA Character Strengths Survey, my signature strengths are humor, perseverance, honesty, love, and judgment and based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ personality type theory I’m an ISFJ/ISTJ. But let’s be real, the true test of character is what Pottermore gives you and I’m proud to announce it’s sorted me into Gryffindor and Pukwudgie, given me a hedgehog Patronus, and assigned me a wand made of beech wood w/a phoenix feather core, 11 3/4” and reasonably supple flexibility.

I currently live in Indiana with my family and two old dogs, but have plans to join my long-distance fiancé in London once we get married and sort out all that visa crap. I’ll also be attempting to join the publishing industry once I move as I have a Publishing MA, but as of right now I’m just a stay-at-home daughter. (Aren’t my parents so lucky?)

If you want to know anything else, you can check out my FAQ page, visit me on one of my social media accounts linked at the top of the page, or contact me. (And for those who want additional stalking outlets, I have trak.tv and goodreads accounts as well.)

the blog

atypicalnarrative is a (life + stories + art) blog. Its primary aim is to be a personal creative outlet that celebrates stories, whether that be those told through books, tv, movies, etc. or the one that is currently being lived each day by the girl behind the blog. All opinions and experiences depicted here will be my own and accompanied by my own illustrations and photography (unless otherwise stated).

That being said, this blog isn’t entirely about me. It may be my narrative, but I’m definitely not the only character in this story. If you connect to something you find on this blog, please share! I promise to always do my best in responding to comments, interacting with all followers, and creating a sense of community within my sphere of the blogging world. Everyone is welcome here.


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Everything else is all mine. Please do not use without permission.


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