Realizing the other person isn’t the size of your laptop screen IRL.

Not so tiny IRL || Illustrated by Asti @

(Side note: can you tell this was drawn more recently in comparison to the illustrations accompanying my other posts so far? My style is changing…)

I think it’s safe to say that meeting people from the internet isn’t as taboo of a thing as it once was. Whether it’s meeting via Twitter or Tinder or some silly game called Puzzle Pirates, it’s not uncommon for relationships to form online and carry over into real life.

Of course, the danger with meeting in person after forming a connection online is that the other person may not always be what you think they are. And no, I’m not talking about the dreaded catfish situation. (As far as I know, that hasn’t been a part of my life with people I’ve met in person so far and if it has been, kudos to them because I still haven’t figured it out.)

No, I’m talking about the things your brain assumes about the other person, on its own, that completely throws you off when you meet in person. Like their height.

Every time I see Dave I forget he’s not the size of my laptop screen.

Now Dave, for those who don’t know, is my long-distance British fiancé. We met online over five years ago, visited each other a couple of times, solidified our relationship during my time studying abroad, and are now in the process of planning our wedding for August so we can finally have a future together in the same country.

We visit each other twice a year (usually alternating between locations) and every. single. time. I am shocked by his height when I see him.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually think he’s going to be the size of my laptop screen. That would be a bit ridiculous (though it would be pretty cute). But something about only ever seeing him sitting down on Skype makes my brain assume he’s the same height as me. I just don’t get those visual cues of his height.

So when we finally reunite in person and I have to actually arch my head upwards to make eye contact with him, my brain has a mini freak out. And no, it’s not like he’s a giant or something! He’s like five inches taller than me. That’s it! But it’s still enough for my brain to be like “Whaaaaaaa?”

But hey, his not being a Barbie-sized person doesn’t change my love for him. If anything, my love only grows with his perceived height. (Awwwww, how romantic.)

Why do I bring this up today? Well, in two days (!!!!!!!!) I will be picking Dave up from the airport once again to spend two weeks together. As a result, this post is important for two reasons: 1) it’s a gentle reminder to my mind that I will be picking up a full-grown six-foot man at the airport and not some itty-bitty boy I can tuck in my back pocket and 2) to let you guys know that I will be MIA over the next two weeks. While I’m bound to make appearances here and there on my various social media outlets, I’m planning on taking a pause from blogging these next two weeks to focus on spending time with my very-much-missed fiancé and working out all the wedding details.

I’ll see you on the 25th! (Oh, but the second newsletter is still going out on the 8th so be sure to sign up for that if you haven’t already.)

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Now, come on. Someone tell me I’m not the only one who has suffered momentary shock when meeting a person in person that you’ve met online! How often do you talk about your height? Even if it’s not due to height, there has to be something that’s surprised you, right? Let me know in the comments below! (At the very least I guess you can just laugh at me for my struggles.)




  1. Lol, you are definitely not alone here! It really is hard to tell what people look like/what size they are, especially if you’ve only seen profile pictures and not even Skyped.

    I’m so excited for you. I hope you and Dave have an amazing time and don’t have to spend the whole time doing stressful wedding planning stuff!

  2. I remember this feeling! I think when husband and I finally got to be in the same country on a permanent basis it took about 6 months until the “oh you’re actually 6″4” feeling wore off (I’m 5″3).

    Have an amazing time with Dave!

  3. Aww. Yay for you and Dave hanging out soon. I didn’t know how you two met. This story is the cutest. Have a wonderful time together. Also: omg, you are TALL if 6 foot fiance is 5 inches taller than you. I am barely 5 foot.

  4. I adore the evolving art style, dear Asti – the art in this post feels very quintessentially you in a way I’m not sure past pieces have been quite able to achieve, & I absolutely adore it. And of course, how wonderful to hear that you’re hanging out with Dave soon! I think it is always a bit of a shock to meet Internet-humans IRL, but once the initial surprise has worn off, it’s always the best thing. Have a lovely time, my friend, & looking forward to seeing you back on the blog soon! xx

  5. I hope your time with Dave goes awesome! And I think people probably get that reaction with me, since I’m the tall one in the Philippines. I’ve gotten that reaction before, and it was always weird to me, because i never really imagine how tall other people would be. I also never call people, though, so that might contribute to it

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